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Love Holy Crap and SkinnyB and have been eating it for a few months now. I can buy it at IGA in West Vancouver for $10.95
I've always had a problem with my bowels, but not anymore and have more energy! We just bought 4 more bags today.
We love it stirred into fat free yogurt and some frozen blueberries on top. Our treat in the evening also!

June Henthorne

I tried Holy Crap and, holy crap!!!! I had it on my oatmeal in the morning and was sure glad that I was at home for the day...I had a BM that was refreshing and left me empty but feeling great!!! I recommend it and will try SkinnyB next as I have some pounds to loose. June

Brenda Collins

I have it on my oatmeal every morning and I love it. Keeps me regular and I am absolutely not hungry until lunch time where as usually around 10:30 am I am feeling I need something to carry me thru til noon.

S. R.

Holy Crap is this cereal expensive! Over $11.00 at Whole Foods. I think people that are diabetic should get a break in the price for this product.


I was really looking forward to trying this after seeing Jim's reaction on Dragons Den. Had some this morning. I don't get it. It tastes like bird seed.


You mention above something about dried almonds. Just to clarify, there are no nuts in this product as per the manufacturer.


Thank you Maria. I updated the post to remove the reference to almonds. My mistake. :)


Really good, but kind of overpriced given the ingredients. Another blogger over here has figured out the (much cheaper) recipe for making it at home: http://www.cookingwithjax.com/2012/04/dragons-den-inspired-holy-crap-skinny-b.html


Thank you for the link Sarah! :)

K. Patrick

Well, I bought a bag of Holy Crap a couple of weeks ago & had the recommended amount with Almond Milk & my bowels have never been the same since & not in a good way. I really don't know if this is due to the cereal but the BM's & gas & now it seems that I have something painful going on back there. My husband thinks this stuff did a real number on my intestines & blasted through my system & the bird seed is stuck to the walls of my intestines & causing all of this trouble. No, I won't be eating this again. I have to say that I am not sure that the cereal caused this problem but it just seems coincidental that when I started eating the cereal, I started having these intestinal problems.

Jennifer Somerville

Bird seed - hugely disappointed


I soak the cereal in warm/hot water wait five min and then mix with unsweetened apple sauce. Love it. I really like the texture and taste. I had originally tried the cereal on its own and was disappointed. Just purchased my second bag and will continue to eat this with apple sauce.


I'm not a fan of the texture (slimy) or taste (it's really bland). I'll have to try adding it to yogurt or oatmeal, but on it's own, it is not very appealing.


i tried it for the first time this week and yes its very bland to me.. almost like poppy seed breakfast hahaha... that was just with milk...
I then changed that because i wasn't going to waste $11.50...i put it in greek yogurt and there is a difference... It makes me feel full for a lot longer, compared to if i ate regular cereal during the week i would feel hungry with in about 3 hrs which is considerable since the portion size u need with this is substantially smaller to keep u full longer then regular cereal.. ive gotten sick of eggs and well gluten free is the way i have to go so cereal is limited now for me too.
When my Yogurt is gone i will be trying it in other things like warm vanilla/almond milk with some diced up apples or something and see where i go from there...
Remember to drink lots of water in the day with this to help with BM.. the water is always key to help..

Sandi Sheppard

I have been using Holy Crap in Yogurt for about 6 months. It is unbelievable what it does to regulate your digestive system. I have cronic diarhea and when I use two tablespoons in yogurt I am totally regular with no fear of anything happening. My friend suffers from constipation and she mixes hers at night to eat in the morning and she has been relieved of her condition. I know it is the cereal because if I go 2 or 3 days without it, I am back to the same routine.
Love the stuff and cant live without it.

Michele bertleff

I was intrigued by this stuff but was held back from trying it because of the price until my favorite grocery store,Quality Foods had a $5.00 off deal on their phone app.I took this deal and tried the Skinny B.Wow this cereal is amazing!I love it the way they recommend, using milk instead of water and adding 2 tbsp greek yogurt and a sliced banana.Yummy and keeps me full a long time.Plus the added benefit of regularity :) i mean this stuff cleans you out completely.I am looking forward to trying the breakfast cereal and will not bock at the price again.Totally worth every penny.


I just make my own holy crap cereal,much cheaper :-)

Phil Hutchings

I'm 63 and I sprinkle a spoonful of Holy Crap on my Great Grains every morning and I also add a few prunes. The whole thing tastes great, keeps me regular, and doesn't have a lot of sugar, I lost 30 lbs on a year, (with exercise at the gym added) and I look forward to breakfast!


That's awesome guys :) I honestly haven't had Holy Crap cereal in forever although our local Sobeys sells it. I should look back to buying it again or making my own like Shelley said :)

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