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Thanks Kimmy!! Definitely going to avoid it :)


The whipped also has 60MG of Sodium!


Yes - another good reason to stay away from it Rebekah. It has added sodium :)

Ursus teddicus

Those ingredients in the whipped peanut butter aren't artificial "chemicals" like preservatives or hydrocarbon-based dyes. They are just food ingredients. In case you are wondering, dextrin is broken down starch (using an enzyme). Oil is oil, sugar is sugar, salt is salt, and molasses is molasses.

Hydrogenation is dangerous because it can create saturated and trans fats. According to your post, they both have the same amount of saturated fat, and the whipped version does NOT have trans fats. So the hydrogenated vegetable oil does not pose any additional health risk.

So as far as I am concerned, the choice is between higher calories, additional protein and no sodium (Natural) or lower calories, less protein and some sodium (Whipped).

I have a Masters in Nutrition and I will be getting my MD very soon.


The addition of soybean oil to peanut butter has altered the taste significantly. And they are including that in most of their varieties. I am allergic to soybeans and cannot stand the taste of it in peanut butter. I read the ingredients carefully. There's only about two of their kinds that don't have it included....as the 2nd ingredient.


I didn't realize this Helena. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. :)


Kraft and Skippy both started adding soybean oil to their peanut butter about 10 years ago. They cull the more expensive peanut oil and they replace it with cheaper, nastier tasting/smelling soy oil. I switched to Peter Pan for a few years but now I like the Barbours original peanut Butter.

In addition to ursus' comment, I should add that hydrogenated oils only constitute about ~3% of the volume, so even in the worst case scenario, it's not an issue to be concerned about.

Bill Polisak

You would be wise to eliminate all hydrogenated oils as they have shown to increase plaque in blood vessels in even small doses. Also, I have a question regarding Kraft 100% peanuts peanut butter. In the listing on the jar there is a bracket immediately after the word "peanuts" with a letter and a few numbers. Are they using "frankenpeanuts" from Monsanto or some other GMO flogger?

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